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Ayurshop provides various nutritional supplements, massage oils and Take products. The supplements are all notified. They have a special notification number assigned by the FPS (Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment) from Brussels. This means that they are inspected on composition, labelling and publication according to European directives.
BIO Ashwagandha reduces stress sensitivity

BIO Ashwagandha  Reduces stress sensitivity

Ashwagandha is good for body and mind and can be used in tension and effort. Increases vitality and helps with increasing your endurance. Ashwagandha gives the body more energy.

- energy
- man
- mental balance
- resistance
- stressful situations
- woman

shatavari is a woman's best friend

balance female hormones

- cleanliness of the mind
- concentration
- soothing
- stressful situations
- woman

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